Dimenzió #20


(csillagászattörténet, csillagászat, űrkutatás, fizika, asztrofizika)


                          (1998. június 20-i állapot)

 Filename   Type Length    Description
3dmw.zip      B   72713    3D Milky Way fly-through
3star1_1.zip  B   95998    3Star v1.1: View the nearest 300 stars in 3D
aa-54.zip     B  299665    Astronomical ephemeris calculator, C sources
aa200-54.zip  B  230508    Reader for JPL ephemerides, C sources
astrmt31.zip  B  686837    Astrometry and Photometry for CCD images
astro20.zip   B   38431    Calculate planetary ATA, rise and set time
astro202.zip  B   89531    Athabasca University Micro-Planetarium v2.02
b_star.zip    B   42002    Program to animate motions of a binary star
binary3.zip   B   33721    Eclipsing binary stars and light curves
brungsc1.zip  B   60920    Astronomy: Drawing a sky map using GSC
coeli386.zip  B  831255    Coeli: Astronomy planetarium with new angles
cosmoh13.zip  B  120309    A 3D tour of the nearest 2300 galaxies
cosmos16.zip  B  161377    SVGA to Herc, professional Astronomy simulator
de118i.zip    B  169987    N-body numerical integration of moon & planets
deep14-1.zip  B 3077912    Star charts for the PC (part 1 of 3)
deep14-2.zip  B 2765806    Star charts for the PC (part 2 of 3)
deep14-3.zip  B  955615    Star charts for the PC (part 3 of 3)
diff_dra.zip  B   41894    Displays a binary star system in 3-D
dspac554.zip  B 1307873    For star maps, orbits, and telescope control
earthw35.zip  B  379437    Earthwatch v3.5: Astronomical program
ephem421.zip  B  225465    Astronomical ephemeris:stars/planets positions
expwt21.zip   B   46856    Find relative weight & info on local planets
galil.zip     B   49959    Animates motions of Jupiter and its satellites
galsat53.zip  B   54013    Displays relative positions of Jupiter's Moons
gravity2.zip  B   95716    Simulates motions of planetary bodies in space
grvkit02.zip  B  249139    N-body gravitational simulator and player
heat0-1.zip   B   72759    Aurora Spacecraft heat shield design, w/source
jimsd100.zip  B  285914    JIMSAIP v1.00: Astronomical image processing
jpstphn2.zip  B   53507    Animated display of Jupiters' satellites (CGA)
jupsat40.zip  B   50023    Jovian satellites simulator with animation
koms231.zip   B   69042    Komsoft v2.31: Program for comet watchers
moon.zip      B   52157    Graphic display of moon's face w/pan/move/find
moon301.zip   B  539969    Show phases of the Moon from 9999 BC to 9999
nalm1996.zip  B  421770    Nautical Almanac Data for 1996
nbodyd16.zip  B  138042    Point and click Nbody gravitational simulation
planet.zip    B   38864    Gives time/azimuth/coords for planet rise/sets
plnwch20.zip  B  320523    Solar system simulator and reference
satsat2.zip   B   78145    Displays relative positions of Saturn's Moons
satview2.zip  B   33404    Mathematical model of sunlit planet Saturn/CGA
sclock10.zip  B   55815    Animates stellar evolution in the HR diagram
sfs101.zip    B  253287    Space Flight Simulator, CGA/HGC/EGA/VGA
sfs101s.zip   B  396804    Source code for Space Flight Simulator v1.01
simon10a.zip  B   61404    Simulation of occultation stars by the Moon
sky3dv11.zip  B  626044    View the universe in 3D
skyglb36.zip  B  362704    SkyGlobe v3.60: Desktop planetarium program
skyimg1.zip   B 1038065    Planetary/Lunar GIF images for SkyMap v1.2
skyplot.zip   B  156703    Star map graphic display
solar.zip     B   34944    Solar system simulator
starpl20.zip  B  326858    Star chart drawing package & Hubble GSC viewer
starview.zip  B  205997    Astronomy at its best - (requires mouse)
starwrk2.zip  B  194790    Astronomical Planetarium Simulator (SVGA-HERC)
sundemo.zip   B  683797    Calculates several types of Sundials
suntab05.zip  B   34506    Sunrise/set for a year, any location
sv115.zip     B  796782    SVGA vector graph. planetary, ephemer. & anim.
tracker5.zip  B   57744    Displays location of Great Red Spot of Jupiter
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